About Dr. McKenzie

Dr. Kim McKenzie is a licensed Doctor of both Chiropractic (since 1979) and Naturopathic Medicine (since 1982). Kim has an avid interest in pursuing the understanding of the inner workings of things. He has a reverence for life and a passion for living it to the fullest. These qualities have matured and expanded through his educational, clinical and life experiences. As a result of these qualities, he is enthusiastic, insightful and encouraging with his clients.

Kimís intention in his assessment, treatments and recommendations is to help each client maximize their ability to regain and maintain their own health. A foundation for optimal health and sustained well-being through increased self-awareness, self-knowledge and a responsible life-style is promoted. Kim's focus is to provide the most beneficial amount of outside correction and instruction precisely applied to bring about the maximum amount of improvement - structurally, bio-chemically, energetically, mentally and emotionally, thus re-engaging your body's inherent healing capacities at their highest levels.

A summation of Kim's goal is 'Providing access to your greater health expression through the removal of obstacles to the expression of joy at the cellular level through effective natural methods, both traditional and modern.'

To accomplish meaningful assessments and effective treatments and management strategies, Kim continuously practices (and trains in) a broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic methods and systems (see list below). He effectively selects from this broad-base of methods to be in harmony with each patient's individual needs. His treatments offer the following benefits:

For a complete list of techniques and therapies in which Dr. McKenzie is specialized in and has found useful, visit the Techniques & Therapies page.